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Chemical compounds that are naturally occurringdietary components and their influence on human body are more and more interesting for scientists. Polyphenols, bio-logically active compounds of plant origin, are classified as non–nutrients. An average daily intake of polyphenols with the diet is approximatively 1 gram, which can be important in fighting free radicals activity in human body Numerous epidemio-logical studies have indicated that food and beverages rich in polyphenols are an important factor in preventing dis-eases, decreasing mortality from cardiovascular and meo-plastic diseases, and slowing down the aging processes Green tea contains relatively large amounts of polyphenols, mainly catechins and their deriva-tives, considered to exert a protective effect against cancerand cardiovascular diseases. As tea is one of the most pop-ular beverages, it could be a tremendously important source of polyphenolic constituents. #teagreen #greentea #polyphenole #greenteapolyphenol #teapolypheno #antioxident #weightloss For More Info Visit :