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Chemical compounds that are naturally occurringdietary components and their influence on human body are more and more interesting for scientists. Polyphenols, bio-logically active compounds of plant origin, are classified as non–nutrients. An average daily intake of polyphenols with the diet is approximatively 1 gram, which can be important in fighting free radicals activity in human body Numerous epidemio-logical studies have indicated that food and beverages rich in polyphenols are an important factor in preventing dis-eases, decreasing mortality from cardiovascular and meo-plastic diseases, and slowing down the aging processes Green tea contains relatively large amounts of polyphenols, mainly catechins and their deriva-tives, considered to exert a protective effect against cancerand cardiovascular diseases. As tea is one of the most pop-ular beverages, it could be a tremendously important source of polyphenolic constituents. #teagreen #greentea #polyphenole #greenteapolyphenol #teapolypheno #antioxident #weightloss For More Info Visit :
How to choose the best supplement of Green Coffee (Chlorogenic Acid): The best supplement should be made of 100% pure green coffee bean extract/ chlorogenic acid and it’s ingredients should be lab-verified for quality and potency. There are some basic easy-to-understand criteria that should be followed in order to select a green coffee bean extract product that will give you the best chance to achieve the benefits you are looking for. The criteria listed below will enable you to select the best product: The best green coffee supplements should be: 1) 100% Pure – Read the labels carefully. Pure means no additional ingredients whatsoever and no fillers, no binders, and no added ingredients. There should only be one ingredient listed which should be green coffee bean extract. Even if the label says “pure” be sure to read the ingredients label to verify the product is, in fact, pure. If a website does not include the product ingredients label, that website and product should be avoided. 2) Chlorogenic Acid Level 40% to 50% – Chlorogenic acid is an antioxidant present in green coffee beans that some observers believe is the component in raw unroasted green coffee beans that provide a number of potential healthy benefits . Green coffee beans are the most potent plant source of chlorogenic acid. Many nutrtional supplement companies and other observers state that a chlorogenic acid level of 40% to 50% is best. 3) Lab Verified – The purity and chlorogenic acid level should be lab-verified by a certified testing lab. 4) Made In The TRUSTED LOCATION – The product should be manufactured in a trusted location with top-notch quality controls. Beware of products that do not disclose where they are made. 5) Manufactured under FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) – Look for this on websites to verify that the product you are considering is manufactured in a facility that conforms to these standards.
Caffeine is a natural stimulant The main ingredient in coffee is caffeine - a compound that naturally derives from over 60 different plant sources, including coffee beans, tea leaves, cacao seeds and cola nut seeds. Caffeine acts as a stimulant by activating the central nervous system. It can combat tiredness and improve concentration and focus. #Caffeine #caffe #coffee #caffei #caffeineextract More info visit us :
Green Coffee is definitely the most important among the recent discoveries in the sphere of dietology. The combination of caffeine and chlorogenic acid makes the most powerful natural fat burner. A convenient use form, the extract in capsules, allows you to take this supplement no matter where you are. We have emerged as one of the distinguished processors and exporters of Natural & Pure Caffeine. It is extracted from seeds of various plants like coffee & tea leaves and is hygienically processed under the strict supervision of our quality controllers. For more information visit : #greencoffee #greencoffeebean #greencoffeebeans #chlorogenicacid #greencoffeebeanextract #Caffeine #caffe #coffee #caffei #caffeineextract
The leaves of the senna plant are used in teas and may help relieve constipation. Senna is most often used as a laxative, either to relieve constipation or in some cases, to help with weight loss. It is also an ingredient in some conventional over-the-counter laxatives. #senna #senay #sennaleaf #laxative #constipation #weightloss For More Information Kindly Visit
Caffeine is a stimulant and the most commonly used drug in the world. Every day, millions consume it to increase wakefulness, alleviate fatigue, and improve concentration and focus. Sources Caffeine occurs naturally in the leaves, seeds, or fruit of more than 60 plant species, including: • coffee beans • tea leaves and buds • cacao beans • guarana seeds • yerba mate leaf #caffeine #coffee #coffeelover #coffeeaddict #cafe #coffeetime #instacoffee #espresso #coffeelovers #coffeeshop #coffeeholic #coffeegram #latte #coffeeoftheday #coffeebreak #coffeelife #coffeelove #caffeineaddict #cappuccino #caffeiners #coffeemug #cafelife #coffeeart #drinks #specialtycoffee #coffeecup #caffeinemedicine #caffeinebenefits #benefitsofcaffeine #caffeineworld #alertcaffeine #powerofcaffeine #caffeinelife #morningcaffeine #energydrinks For More Info Visit :
Natural Caffeine We are one of the prominent processors and exporters engaged in offering premium quality Natural Caffeine. Utilizing high end technology and extraction process, we extract it from Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Guarana and some other plants. Further, using various refinery techniques, we properly refine the caffeine, to make it food and pharmaceutic grade. Available in various packaging sizes, our natural caffeine is broadly used by food & beverage manufacturers. It is used as an addictive in the “Cola” drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, caffeinated water, nutritional health & food supplements, and in several medicines. #Caffeine #caffe #coffee #caffei#caffeineextract More info visit us :
Moringa oleifera is a plant that is often called the drumstick tree, the miracle tree, the ben oil tree, or the horseradish tree. Moringa extracts might help treat some stomach disorders, such as constipation, gastritis, and ulcerative colitis. The antibiotic and antibacterial properties of moringa may help inhibit the growth of various pathogens, and its high vitamin B content helps with digestion. • The tree is native to India but also grows in Asia, Africa, and South America. • Moringa contains a variety of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. #moringa #moringaleaf #oleifera #drumstickleaf #moringaleaves #drumsticktree More info visit us :
Ayurvedic and herbal ingredients are being used in India since the year. Even though many people are dependent on English medicines and treatment today, they sometimes resort to Ayurveda. There are many herbs in Ayurveda and one of them is white musli. It is a type of plant with small white flowers inside it. Although the benefits of white musli are many, but its biggest contribution is in increasing sexual strength in men and treating impotence. ( 1 ) Apart from this, there are many benefits of white musli. 1. Increases energy and disease resistance in the body 2. Helping to gain weight 3. Beneficial in joint pain and arthritis 4. Reduces stress 5. Strength in men and treating impotence,,